Nicholai Conliff

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To no one's surprise, humans botch their first contact with alien civilization. Eight years after the shocking revelation that they're not alone in the universe, Earth and its inhabitants are poised to unwittingly join an interstellar war--one they'll undoubtedly lose.

As the world ends around them, governments fight to keep order and refugees search for answers. Among the countless displaced is Audrey, a spunky, pugnacious teen whose journey begins in the recently-evacuated midwest . . .

Artist Silvio De Santos is a freelance illustrator from Coqueiral, Brasil, and is a contributor in Image Comics' Eisner Award-nominated The Outlaw Territory - vol. 3

ZEROSPACE is a serial, survival sci-fi comic focusing on the social, cultural, and economic implications of aliens visiting Earth. Think: The Walking Dead meets Farscape. Read the first issue in its entirety here or learn more about the ZEROSPACE universe here.

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    Unburied - NOW AVAILABLE

"74-year-old Ashley Miller spends what should have been his old age in peaceful isolation: he keeps his lawn up to neighborhood standards, listens to records, sticks to his diet, longs for faces that have left his life . . . and hasn't aged a day since 1942."

Nicholai's debut novel, UNBURIED, oscillates between past and present to form a cohesive dual narrative dismissing the tropes of paranormal genre fiction. It is now available on in e-book and print formats. Other electronic formats, as well as signed print copies, can be ordered here.