Nicholai Conliff

Stories     Unburied

74-year-old Ashley Miller spends what should have been his old age in peaceful isolation: he keeps his lawn up to neighborhood standards, listens to records, sticks to his diet, longs for the faces that have left his life . . . and hasn't aged a day since 1942.

In the wake of the second World War, as a former child soldier of the Nazi regime, he struggles to endure the brutal murder of his lover Jens, and to track down 300-year-old Stam Tepes, a Romanian girl whose bite has afflicted Ashley with eternal life and a need for human blood. . . .

But come 2001, a routine feeding in a northern Ohio town brings both Ashley and Stam to the attention of a boorish policeman, a hapless nun, and an egomaniacal doctor. As his quiet anonymity unravels, Ashley must face the ugly truth: his sole desire--to hold on his memories--is what keeps him alive, keeps him killing, and takes him further from his late lover, Jens.

Part historical, part literary horror, UNBURIED oscillates between past and present to form a cohesive dual narrative dismissing the tropes of paranormal genre fiction. Read a short excerpt here, or purchase a copy here.


To no one's surprise, humans botch their first contact with alien civilization. Eight years after the shocking revelation that they're not alone in the universe, Earth and its inhabitants are poised to unwittingly join an interstellar war--one they'll undoubtedly lose.

As the world ends around them, governments fight to keep order and refugees search for answers. Among the countless displaced is Audrey, a spunky, pugnacious teen whose journey begins in the recently-evacuated midwest . . .

ZEROSPACE is a serial, survival sci-fi comic. Read the first issue in its entirety here or learn more about the ZEROSPACE universe here.

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The shy and bookish Elliot is the unlikeliest of frontmen for anything--much less an emerging indie rock band, Luck, poised to become an act of national regional local notoriety.

Save for being long-time neighbors, Florida teenagers Elliot Morgan and Patrick Sadler have nothing in common. Yet Elliot--prone to reprimand for both his quiescence and recondite vocabulary--is awe-struck by Patrick's ability to endure the daily grind of high school with ease. Patrick, an aspiring guitar hero, is likewise impressed by his improbable friend's poetic command of language.

Not long after a night out to see a band, Patrick records his own songs and presents the tape to Elliot, begging him to write lyrics. Luck befalls the pair, and one unintended step at a time, Elliot makes the arduous journey from meek, shy boyhood to meek, shy young-adulthood--unwittingly thrust into a world of sex chastity, drugs sobriety, and rock & roll wistful indie pop music. There, the reluctant lead singer meets and falls for the beautiful Emma, a cold and sardonic recluse. Determined to win her heart, Elliot's band, family, schoolwork and slightly-unbalanced emotions don't just take a backseat: they're thrown right out the door as he joins Emma down a path of self-turned-mutual-destruction.

LUCK is a work of YA coming-of-age fiction. Read a short excerpt here.

Short Stories     The Devil and I

THE DEVIL AND I examines a brief moment in the immortal life of a multi-named protagonist, regretful of a decision to sell his soul to the scatterbrained Prince of Darkness. Seeing his slave and companion growing at odds with eternity, the Devil offers his friend a chance for redemption: if he can remember why he sold his soul--almost 1,700 years prior--then the Devil will release him from the bonds of longevity. A very short, oddly heartwarming tale of compassion and humanity.

This story is essentially a precursor to UNBURIED. I don't like the way that longevity, immortality, etc. are portrayed in fiction as a general rule--this came about as a result of that. Read here or download in e-book format for FREE here.